£2 Billion eco-friendly voucher scheme

July 16, 2020

£2 billion has been put aside by the government, with vouchers for environmental enhancements available to homeowners across England. Up to £10,000 will be available per household, depending on a pre-qualification assessment.

The government scheme launches in September, aiming to enable higher energy efficiency within 650,000 homes across England.

The voucher scheme will cover from two thirds to the full cost of environmental enhancements to properties, depending on eligibility, with low income homes receiving the most benefit. A typical purchase of £4,000 would mean notable savings, with the average homeowner only paying £1,320 of the value.

Over 140,000 accredited local suppliers and traders will receive an economic boost, with vouchers to be issued once the work is quoted and approved.

Homeowners will be able to enjoy the warmth, comfort and sound proofing that replacement glazing and insulation afford. They can also rest in the knowledge that not only could they save up to £300 in energy bills, but also that they are making a significant contribution to the balance of the environment. Predictions from Chancellor Rishi Sunak indicate that with the home improvements, the overall carbon footprint will be cut by over half a mega-ton, the equivalent of removing 270,000 cars from the road.

Under the voucher scheme, homeowners will be able to purchase a broad variety of energy efficient fittings, the most prominent of which are double and triple glazing, underfloor, wall and loft insulation. Low-energy lighting, energy-efficient doors, eco-friendly boilers, heat pumps, draught proofing are also included.

Renewable energy generation items such as solar panels also included within the voucher scheme, enabling conscientious homeowners to make meticulous efforts in subduing the impact climate change for the future generations.

With such an accumulation of benefits to the environment, economy and personal lifestyle, the voucher scheme will surely be a popular move amongst homeowners, so if you want to make any of these improvements, be sure to take action come September!

When it comes to selling your home, prospective buyers will consider the energy efficiency, so investing in these options, particularly with the support available, could indeed add value to the property as well as cost-saving measures for the day-to-day running of the home, plus, of course – the “green" benefits.

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