Once you’ve lived in possibly the most renowned home in the world, where do you move to next?

This is a problem that 43 Presidents of the United States have faced (the White House wasn’t ready in time for George Washington).

The White House is arguably the most recognisable house in the world, a property that the Obamas have called home for the last 8 years. However, tomorrow, January 20th, they will have to move on to pastures new to make way for the 45th President.

obama1The extravagance, luxury and sheer scale of the White House is completely unique and exclusive to the job role, however, it looks like Obama won’t have to downgrade too much, take a look inside the new home they will be renting for the incredible rental price of £17,000 a month.

Set in the Kalorama section of Washington, just 2 miles from the White House, this 9 bedroom home will be the new residence of the Presidential family. Built in 1928, the property offers 8,200 square foot of living space, including 9 bedrooms, 2 family rooms, a living room, 2 studies, a stately dining room, a kitchen/breakfast room, separate laundry room/kitchen and much more. Recently marketed at $5.3 million you certainly get your money’s worth here.

obama3The wooden hardwood floors are interspersed with polished tiled flooring for a real sense of luxury and elegance. Light and clean décor flows throughout to create a sophisticated and chic ambience whilst creating welcoming spaces to enjoy as a family.

The stately living room is a great example of how the home ties together the simple colour scheme of grey and white to establish a pleasant environment, added with soft furnishings and characterful features like the central fireplace featured here.

obama6This home benefits from not one, but two family rooms. Ideal for the children and adding versatility to the property. The first is fairly similar to the living room in terms of space, a sunny room which looks over the rear garden and terrace. The second family room can be found subterranean in the basement, presenting a literal escape from the outside world, the ability to completely shut off, likely an ideal scenario for one of the most recognisable families in the world.

 A family room is always a benefit when you have children of different ages, somewhere they can watch their own TV shows, hide their toys, bits and bobs and have friends over without encroaching on the more sophisticated adult spaces.

obama7The kitchen, or rather kitchens on offer in this home is something to marvel at. There is a current trend amongst home designers to include marble finishes, the main kitchen/breakfast room has taken this to another level. The marble counter tops, partnered with the contrasting white and grey cupboards allow the colour scheme found throughout the rest of the home to flow through this space also. The lengthy room has been segmented well with the island, incorporating appliances to one end, and the breakfast table at the other. I mentioned kitchens, as in plural, as the laundry room also features a fully functioning kitchen. For the inevitable dinner parties hosted in the opulent dining room on offer, the kitchen space is well catered for.

obama11In addition to multiple kitchens, the home also offers multiple studies, this is ideal considering the charity work that both Barack and Michelle Obama are involved in, along with allowing areas for the children to study in. It’s not quite the Oval Office, but it will certainly do. Presenting clean and lavish surroundings to offer a quiet space to work in.

In addition to the plentiful living space on offer, there are a total of 9 bedrooms, offering space for guests.

The master suite, along with the expected en suite also houses a substantial dressing room, no doubt to be home to the many outfits needed to fulfil the public facing roles of the most powerful couple in the Western Hemisphere.

obama14The grounds of this home also offer space but more importantly security. A gated entrance provides off road parking for several security vehicles, whilst a hidden away rear garden provides outdoor space to enjoy, mainly laid to lawn but also offering a terraced area to rest and dine. Washington temperatures can certainly offer some heat, so this space is well shaded and ideal for relaxing.

To offer a full look at the house, we’ve added some more photos for you below. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s certainly a very good compromise on the luxury that the Obama family are surely accustomed to.




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