Steve Panther, ABMSteve Panther, Assistant Branch Manager at Mackenzie Smith in Farnborough reflects on the local property marketplace…

“As we head towards the end of the year it seems prices are still rising, the Farnborough property market is exceptionally buoyant and we are achieving the full asking price in many cases, provided our advice is followed and the initial asking price is at the right level.

“Throughout the Autumn we have seen a lot of investor buyers coming to the fore, who have identified now as a good time to buy in a rising market with rental demand still unabated.

“There are an exceptionally high number of quality, proceedable owner occupier buyers, looking at property in Farnborough and buying now to secure their home as they look forward to 2014.

“The current activity and demand bodes well for an active and busy market from the very beginning of 2014, though it hasn’t gone quiet yet. For those who want to make the most of the lively market going in to 2014 I would suggest preparing and getting on the market now as many buyers will be browsing over the Christmas break.”  01252 375999