The sale of New Homes throughout the district remain robust and will continue into 2013 predicts Ed Mackenzie Smith, Managing Director of Mackenzie Smith Estate Agents.

The Company celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and with five offices; in Ash Vale, Farnborough, Fleet, Hartley Wintney and Hook, has been involved in the sale of a number of schemes throughout the district in 2012.

“These range from twenty 2 bedroom homes at Queensgate, Farnborough, on behalf of Inland Homes right through to a bespoke scheme of individual cottages built by Westbuild Homes in Yateley,” says Ed Mackenzie Smith. “There are a number of reasons for the confidence displayed by purchasers for New Homes. Our developer clients invest an enormous amount of time and effort in getting the planning right, to meet Town Planners requirements on layout and infrastructure, as well as delivering great specification and design which are really valued and appreciated by buyers.

“Due to the general shortage of property available, either through second hand vendors not committing to moving or just very slow planning permission delivery, buyers can often turn to the purchase of a new home, safe in the knowledge that the property needs to be sold and that modern up to date building standards have been applied.

“The difference between ‘89 – ‘94 and now is interest rates. Homeowners can afford to sit tight as historically low level interest rates enable them to do so. The ‘89 – ‘94 period saw much higher interest rates which forced sellers to make decisions and in turn put pressure on values due to oversupply, ultimately providing choice for buyers. The current market does not allow that luxury and Developers are able to command strong values with the delivery of high quality, well designed property on sites located in areas purchasers want to live.”

Inevitably this time of year tends to make people think about the future and what next year holds. “I believe that sales values will remain stable but any fluctuation in values will be a result of seasonality or specific local reasons” comments Ed. “The land market is always a good barometer on how the industry sees things and activity levels are good.”

“I am very confident about 2013 and whilst there will always be some inconsistency in demand, overall the general position remains very promising for the sale of New Homes.”

Ed Mackenzie Smith

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