Experienced Estate agent John Munday, Branch Manager at our Ash Vale office shares some useful advice for anyone preparing to sell property…

John Munday Branch Manager Ash Vale Estate
“People often ask how to maximise the value of their home.

There are some general rules and simple steps which will help and make sure your property creates the best impression.

First impressions are so important and most buyers build an impression within seconds of the viewing.

Spend extra effort and time preparing the front of the property, like making sure front door and windows are always Vale Croft Lounge with characterclean, moving bins, fresh plants giving colour. This will contribute to the overall aesthetics and can make a difference.

Keep the personality of your home, don’t remove this. A prospective buyer does need to be able to see themselves in the space but the need to declutter should not come at the expense of losing all character. It is a home!

We find having a Premium Listing on your property on Rightmove or Zoopla will make your property stand out from its competition.

In my opinion house prices will increase modestly for the next three months, with buyer demand and lack of supply fueling the upward trend. That said, buyers are not paying ‘over the odds’ for property so you must take the correct advice to position your home correctly and generate sufficient interest.”

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