Move HomeWhile the vast majority of sales proceed to completion without a hiccup, it can be enormously disappointing if a sale does fall though. Reasons for sales falling through vary, but one thing is for sure, the faster you can get to exchange, the less opportunity there is for changes of mind. 

For this reason, it is key to instruct a solicitor and organise the draft contracts early; as your agent we will advise both yourself and your purchaser to arrange this straight away as it saves valuable time and creates critical early momentum.

Furthermore, we have negotiated preferential terms and unique service standards with leading local solicitors, who will prepare your file for no initial fee and if the sale doesn’t complete they will not charge a penny.

It is also advisable to establish a realistic target date for exchange, so everyone has a deadline to work towards. If you or your buyer, are not in a rush to move, build in more time between exchange and completion rather than being relaxed about the exchange date.

As well as organising your solicitor, it is crucial to have your mortgage company in place, to pay for your mortgage valuation and ask them to instruct this as soon as possible.

If you are in a chain, there can be complications and this is where the expertise of our high street agents is second to none in keeping everyone informed and the chain together. Our agents are highly experienced in sales progression and will chase the solicitors, mortgage companies and other agents for regular updates and keep up the momentum.

If you are looking to sell your home, or would like to arrange a conveyancing quote or a mortgage appointment with our dedicated advisor, please contact your local branch on the numbers below.

Ash Vale – 01252 353030

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Fleet – 01252 812121

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Hook – 01256 764666

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