When a driving instructor gets a pupil successfully through their driving test they must experience a great sense of pride and achievement. It is obviously their job and what they get paid to do but getting that ’buzz’ must be the icing on the cake.

What may not be quite so obvious is the ‘buzz’ we get when we see the advice that we give, help people in achieving their goals.

The Convent, FarnbroughLast year a potential investment buyer approached our sales department about a select development of beautiful apartments in Farnborough called The Convent that were being converted and we are the sales agent for.

He wanted to invest in Farnborough and buy premium apartments that would attract executive and corporate tenants.  After speaking with myself and my colleague Jayne about potential rental returns and yields he purchased a lovely apartment in the development with panoramic views that we successfully let at a premium rent. Based on this let our client bought a second property in the same development which we again found suitable tenants for.

Kno4 Cathedral Court let by Mackenzie Smithwing that he wanted to increase his portfolio further but also knowing there were no other apartments available in that particular development Jayne went on to the internet and identified an apartment nearby that would make a good investment.

So our client purchased that apartment and again we found a suitable tenant.   Throughout these lets our client has appreciated that in order to achieve premium levels of rent the property has to be up to a high standard, therefore anything that is second hand has had new appliances, blinds fitted, redecoration where required and a professional clean, it certainly makes a difference and where a landlord is prepared to invest in property this also means investing in the interior and updating it.

It hasn’t stopped there as our client is currently purchasing another bespoke apartment in The Convent and also asked us to advise him on letting of his former family home in a private road which is being completely refurbished to a very high standard.

BMichael Clarke MARLA Lettings Director 2uilding up a close working relationship with our clients is obviously what we are here to do but it is so very rewarding when a client puts their trust in your judgement and you can see the advice that you have given producing the desired result for the client.

Success is addictive though and the more people we help, the more people we want to help.

Michael Clarke, MARLA, Lettings Director

michaelc@mackenziesmith.co.uk 01252 514000