The new year has brought around a real peak in the lettings properties that have come to the market. This can be seen market wide in the area, offering more rental choice than ever before.

2015-let-boardWith renting becoming an increasingly viable choice for many people, the rise in properties available will surely be welcomed, giving tenants who have previously been limited, some choice.

When tenants have increased property choice, they are also empowered to choose a quality landlord, and in turn, go with a quality agent. It is often the case, particularly when rental properties are few, that tenants will have no choice in their landlord and agent in order to get the home they require. However, the right home is just a part of the rental process, if the landlord or managing agent are hard to deal with, the whole situation can become stressful, even with the most beautiful home in the world.

With more rental properties on the market than we have seen to date, this is a prime time for tenants to consider who they would like to rent from, in addition to where they would like to rent.

If you are currently looking for a property, it is of course crucial to find a home that meets your needs, be that room numbers, size, location, price etc., guidancehowever it’s highly likely that you will currently find more than one which fits the bill.

With that in mind, it is worth finding out who you will be renting from. Is it a landlord who will be managing the properties themselves? If so can you find any references online as to how easily contactable they are, how quickly they resolve issues? If the property is managed by an agent, this is a far easier process. Many agents will be associated with review systems, here at Mackenzie Smith we use Trustpilot to source unbiased and unfiltered reviews, offering a transparent service.

Things to look for in a managed agent:

ARLA Regulated: This will mean that they are accountable to the Association of Residential Letting Agents, requiring a standard of professionalism, knowledge and experience. This also offers added peace of mind through The Deposit Protection scheme.

Previous Reviews: It’s hard to know how easy it will be to communicate concerns, faults and other needs once you have moved in. By reading reviews from existing and prior tenants, you’re more likely to get a full picture of how reputable an agent/landlord really is.

If you’re presented with choice, it would do no harm in considering the people and agency behind the property, they are, after all, the ones who will be first response in any situation that arises throughout a tenancy, they’re the ones you trust with a deposit, and they’re the ones who at the end of the day, are responsible for providing you with a safe and suitable place to call home.

To  view our current list of available properties, please visit our website. Alternatively, feel free to register your requirements with us so that we may contact you with any relevant listings as and when they come to market.

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