Steve Panther Assistant Manager Estate Agent Farnborough

2014 A mixed year for values In regards to value/price increases that occurred during 2014, Farnborough experienced a 12%-15% increase from the 1st January 2014 to the end of the year. Ironically the majority, if not all of the increase in values was concentrated into the first 6/7 months of the year and then Summer,… Read More

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The Office for National Statistics reports house prices are up 12.1% in a year (September 2013 – September 2014) as a national average. London property prices, as expected, have the highest increase of a huge 18.8% whilst the average in the South East has been a strong 8.1%, the highest of all regions excluding London.… Read More

Estate Agents Hook Highlight Accurate Property Pricing

Throughout the local property market in Hook and North Hampshire, the current lack of supply is still a major concern for purchasers. The ongoing trend in supply and demand has been apparent for a large portion of the year but interestingly it does offer a perfect opportunity for those who wish to sell their property.… Read More