Over the past year Farnborough has seen a lot of changes and is continuing to thrive from the improvements that have been made. 2015 was a good solid year, it followed the usual seasonal patterns with the property market increasing by approximately 11-13% and this was on top of the 17-18% increase in 2014, proving… Read More

Jon Lacey Branch Manager Estate Agent Farnborough

As we look towards the incoming autumn months, it provides time to reflect on 2015. Farnborough has yet again seen a wealth of changes in 2015 and not just in the property sector.  Farnborough has welcomed major blue chip companies who have relocated their businesses to the ever expanding and sought after business parks, new… Read More

Graham Tufnell Estate Agent Fleet

At the tail end of February with the back of winter now broken, we have lighter evenings and warmer temperatures to look forward too, a welcome sign for all, particularly in the housing market. Fleet offers a high concentration of property stock in the middle to upper end, which traditionally tends to come to the… Read More

John Munday, Senior Client Manager Hook

House prices were the source of constant debate and speculation throughout 2014, with huge growth in the first half of the year, and none in the second half. Latest reports from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICs), forecast a 3% growth in 2015 throughout the UK*. This is the best news I have heard… Read More

Local Market Comment from Mackenzie Smith Estate Agents Ash Vale

Crawford Moxley from Mackenzie Smith Estate Agents Ash Vale comments on the recent changes in the property market place… “After a frantic start to the year, the market is showing signs of settling down to a more steady and sensible pace which in my opinion is not a bad thing. In the last few months… Read More

Steady Property Market Ahead

A steady property market ahead is good news as the price rise frenzy and threat of a housing bubble abates. There are a strong number of property transactions meaning we have, across all our Estate Agent branches, experienced a reduction in the level of stock we are holding, primarily because houses are selling at a… Read More

Confidence and Stability on the Cards

Statistics from the Land Registry are beginning to indicate that nationally house prices may be stabilising after an acute period of growth. The data from March 2014 shows that average prices were 5.6% above prices in March 2013, showing healthy year-on-year growth. Confidence in property remains high and demand is showing no sign of slowing… Read More

2013 was an excellent year at the Ash Vale office and the team has had its best year since opening 12 years ago. Combined with the success in residential sales we have also sold over 40 brand new homes locally across three different sites making us the first choice estate agent for builders and developers… Read More

Mackenzie Smith would like to wish a Happy New Year to all the Thistleblower readers! How can we make the 2014 property market blossom? My simple answer would be, for anyone looking to sell, don’t hold back on putting your property onto the market in the early period of this year. Our biggest issue last… Read More

The general perception of the housing market in November and December has always been portrayed as the quieter time to sell your home, this is not always the case. One of the challenges I face in this market is encouraging potential sellers who are sitting on the fence to market their home sooner rather than later… Read More