Every other week we take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the diverse members of our team; from admin roles, back office staff to the frontline branches. This week we’re pleased to “re-introduce” our Hook Branch Manager, Simon Dredge.

Simon celebrated his 10th anniversary with us last year, having originally joined Mackenzie Smith back in January 2007. As one of our longest serving colleagues, Simon’s witnessed plenty of changes across the estate agent industry and within Mackenzie Smith.

Simon hasn’t always worked within the property industry, having changed careers from Product Marketing to the world of estate agency in 2007. It was family ties that drew him to the career choice, as his brother had been in the industry since leaving school, even working for Mackenzie Smith for many years including the launch of our successful Ash Vale branch. “My brother spoke very highly of the industry and enjoyed the job immensely, so I decided to take a change. I went for various interviews with agents in the local area and, in spite of a few job offers, found the perfect fit at Mackenzie Smith. The brand suited me well as the people I met were very down to earth and the first impressions were great.”

Whilst Simon is now responsible for the management of our market leading Hook branch, he’s worked in a selection of our branches over the years, including Fleet and Ash Vale, though as a local, Hook proved to be the best choice for Simon. “I love managing the office here; I grew up in Hook as a child and have moved back with my wife and son to live here now.”

Whilst the switch from Marketer to Estate Agent might seem a bit of a jump, there are a lot of similarities, but Simon’s favourite part of the job is down to the relationships he can build within the local community. “I love meeting new people, providing them with their valuation advice forms a major sense of enjoyment, combined with seeing matters through to the end of the transaction and knowing we have provided excellent service throughout. Several years ago, I sold a house in Goose Green which I had valued at over £50k more than the other local agents; it was a fantastic result for the vendor as we achieved a sale within a short timeframe at the full asking price. This sale was particularly memorable as three of the properties within the chain were being purchased through our branch. Aside from our client being pleased with the service, he still regularly pops in for a chat as we share similar interests.”

When Simon isn’t in the office, he can be found on the slopes, having been a fanatical skier from the age of 5, or in the local countryside on his mountain bike. Simon’s also a huge fan of the Le Mans 24 Hour and attends annually.

If you would like to speak with Simon or our team in Hook about the sale of your home, or would like any information regarding our services, please contact the Hook branch on (01256) 764666, or e-mail hook@mackenziesmith.co.uk.