Mackenzie Smith recognise the importance of marketing properties to a wide audience using tools and websites that the public readily use.

It is our responsibility to make sure our clients properties are professionally presented for sale in a location where people look for property, to reach an audience of active buyers. Today that’s not only in our high street office or in the local newspaper but on the most popular and well established property websites such as Rightmove.

Ed Mackenzie-Smith Nick McKittrick

L:R: Ed Mackenzie Smith, Nick McKittrick

Ed Mackenzie Smith, Managing Director of Mackenzie Smith Estate Agent, recently met with Rightmove Chief Executive Officer Nick McKittrick to discuss the ongoing success of the property website which attracts millions of visits per month. The popular property website reached 100 million visits in January 2015*.

Nick McKittrick is a co-founding executive who joined Rightmove in 2000, led the original build of the Rightmove website and has moved through Managing Director, Chief operating Officer and Financial director positions before being appointed Chief Executive officer in 2013.

The conversation flowed easily as these two passionate business men talked through the challenges both businesses face, how the industry is evolving and buyer behaviour is changing, whilst the key fundamental issue in the housing market of shortage of property supply remains.

The shortage of property supply continues to create a detrimental cycle where existing home owners not putting their property on the market because they can’t see that the home they want to buy is available, further reducing the flow of property stock to the market in the face of increasing demand for homes.

This is a challenge both Rightmove and Mackenzie Smith can see in the facts and figures of our marketplaces, but something we have little power to change. All we can do is to continue to deliver excellent service and expertise; to work diligently in the best interest of our clients.