Michael ClarkeWe are delighted to report that hot on the heels of a bumper month for lettings in February, the rental market in March has been even better with just over 50% of the properties that we let being investment properties.

The upturn in the housing market has prompted many people to invest in property but of course this is only a good investment if the property has a tenant.

It is essential when considering a ‘buy-to-let’ property that you get good advice on whether the property is likely to let easily and at what sort of rent. The last thing an investment landlord wants is to complete on the purchase of their new investment only to find it remains empty. This is why it essential to get advice right at the start of your search so you know the property that you are interested in will let easily and  at a good return.10 Four Axre Coppice 040

Here at Mackenzie Smith we work very closely with our investment landlords advising them on what will rent locally and at what sort of level. We can even view other agent’s property details if you are unable to find something suitable through ourselves.

The continued demand for rented accommodation is also good news for those people moving for work purposes and needing to let out their own properties. We can advise you on how to present your property to prospective tenants to ensure you attract the best possible tenant at the best possible price.

Getting accurate advice is the key to a successful tenancy whether you are letting out your own property or letting an investment property. At Mackenzie Smith we can advise you on all aspects of letting your property and how to get the best return. For further information or to receive our comprehensive guide for landlords call us on 01252 514000 or email lettings@mackenziesmith.co.uk.

A variety of property is suitable as the below examples of property let by Mackenzie Smith for investment landlords show…click here for more information

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