starsWhile voices can often get lost in translation, an online review offers a transparent perspective. This is why a significant 92% of us put our trust in impartial reviews before making a purchase.

We are a nation prosperous with choice; from dozens of takeaways available at the click of an app to comparison websites and trending brands inundating our high streets. 

So, how do we make that purchase decision?

Well, our decision-making processes have also progressed, in light of these increasing options. Where we used to depend on a reliable recommendation from a trusted friend, the innovations in technology now enlighten us with up to date opinions on anything from a favourite brand of doughnuts to the best local hotels for example.

To put things into perspective, can you recall the last time you read an online review?

It would come as no surprise that a staggering 92% of consumers now read online reviews. According to market research by YouGov, more than 80% of people trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation, indicating how important it is for us, as consumers, to make an informed decision. This is where reviews step in, a tool that empowers us with a reliable resource, providing impartial view points and comprehensive verdicts. Essentially, reviews ensure we are well equipped to make a smart consumer decision.

The importance of trust…

ladyThis shift in our decision-making process simply underpins the importance of trust. Now, this is certainly not a word that can get lost in translation. We are all increasingly placing trust in others to help make decisions on trivial purchases or even the larger investments in life such as property. With just a click of a button, you have added reassurance and confidence in your expectations.

Why can you trust us?

Over the last 25 years, we have liaised with many homeowners, tenants, first-time buyers and landlords who have cautiously deliberated whether they can trust us with their homes. This is not a light-hearted decision for anyone to make, after all, our home is probably the biggest investment any of us will ever make. With this in mind, we have long adopted a transparent approach to ensure all parties know exactly where they stand and what they can expect from us. Achieving transparency within a service industry like ours is not easy, which is why we partnered with Trustpilot.

Trustpilot are a global third party organisation, currently boasting more than 27 million consumer reviews of over 150,000 businesses. Their up to the minute reviews are always current and fresh from the consumer. As a third party review site, the importance of customer feedback drives us to work harder, whilst from a potential client’s perspective, Trustpilot present impartial feedback and honest responses from personal experiences. General banner - excellentWhilst we can’t always please everyone (the business of property can be an emotional rollercoaster), we try our very best and are extremely passionate about providing genuine, knowledgable and personal advice. Trustpilot allows us to present you with an honest perception of our business, giving you greater confidence to place your trust in us.

Over the last year, we have maintained a position within the Top 10 of all estate agencies nationwide on Trustpilot, and are consistently the highest performing agency within the region.

Trustpilot’s selection of unbiased reviews allow you to make a smart and informed choice. As we aim to ensure transparency with all our clients, why not see for yourself what people make of us.

Click here to visit our Trustpilot page.

 An individual experience…

Ultimately, each property is individual and can often come with its own challenges and complications. While our team work hard to navigate a smooth negotiation and after sale process for all involved, they also aim to be prepared for the unexpected. In saying this, each individual is likely to have a different experience when dealing with us, but our team try their best to make it a pleasant one and they take pride in customer feedback.

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