Located in the centre of Ash Vale Village it has not taken long for someone to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to purchase land for a replacement dwelling in this unique and enviable location.

Launched only a few weeks ago we have had many enquiries and several offers on this land, resulting in a swift sale.

This illustrates how opportunities for any type of development; be it replacement of a single house or the stitching together of a larger scheme, are quickly snapped up, especially in areas where planning restrictions are holding back on new homes being built and there is a great shortage of second hand property available.

If you are looking to sell a property which may be suitable for replacement, or on a large plot of land, then it may well be worth investigating if there is any benefit to looking at it from a land and development angle.

In the first instance I would suggest you contact your local branch for a no obligation property valuation and initial discussions, we can then present your property for our land department to investigate and subsequently we can make our reccomendations to you.