AV OH1On Saturday 15th March, Mackenzie Smith in Ash Vale arranged an Open House Event on Ash Church Road featuring a spacious 1930s three bedroom semi detached house in need of full refurbishment.

Houses like this always attract a lot of interest because buyers love the idea of taking on a property which they can really put their own mark on rather than compromising with someone else’s choices of décor and fittings.

Branch Manager, Crawford Moxley attended the event and was completed taken aback with the amount of people who turned up to look.

Crawford Moxley, Ash Vale Branch ManagerCrawford commented “It was completely overwhelming; I knew we were going to have a good turnout but this was incredible. I took 50 brochures with me and they were gone within 10 minutes of my arrival and I would estimate at least another 50 people came along after the first wave. I had people actually queuing down the garden to enter the building; I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole 20 year career!

Needless to say, by Monday morning there were many offers being made by those who had viewed on the Saturday. In total we received about 20 bids from prospective buyers. The sellers agreed to proceed with what they felt was the best proposition and a sale is now well underway.

Open House Events_webOpen House Events are proving to be very successful, minimising disruption to the sellers daily life by focusing all buyers on one day and often resulting in several offers for the seller to consider. If you would like to find out more about Open Houses and how Mackenzie Smith can help sell your home please contact your local branch.

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