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Selling your home can be a journey, a mix of the roller coaster highs to plain sailing smooth cruises.  During this journey, viewings are that one time when you as the seller are in the driving seat.  Viewings are a great time for you to showcase your home at its best. This is your opportunity to highlight to potential buyers the features that you love about your home and bring to life the amazing home you have.

Think about what made you fall in love with your home in the first place, those amazing views, the unique features, the great entertaining space or even that spacious kitchen.  Some buyers need an injection of inspiration, so taking your time to present to potential buyers the lifestyle they could lead living here can make them pay attention.   Most buyers only view the property once, so it pays to optimise this one opportunity and really show off the best features of your home.  After all, what is the worst that could happen? A second viewing or a sale agreed?

This does require you to take a close look at your home from a buyers perspective.  Look around with a fresh pair of eyes, even a critical eye and make an honest judgement about what you see.  Small changes can make a big difference to buyers.

Just to get you started, we have got together with our team of experienced client managers and highlighted some ways you can really optimise those all important viewings. 

Set The Mood
After a busy day at work, everyone likes to walk into a warm and cosy home.  By recreating this ambience for your buyers you can instantly create a homely feeling, enticing them in with a positive outlook as they continue their tour.  By simply keeping the lights on or dimly lit lamps or even lighting the fireplace, you are recreating a welcoming atmosphere and the comfortable environment they envisage to live in with their family.  Add some plug-in air fresheners and they will surely walk around your home with a breeze.  The key here is to try to create a calm and comfortable environment for the viewers and encourage them to stay in your home longer.  This will ensure they have a really good look around your home and appreciate the efforts you have put into making your house a home. 

Express Yourself
Every home needs a personality, some character to stand out from the crowd.  It also gives it a feeling of being lived in and loved.  This is what you aim to recreate for potential buyers. You do not need to go all out and give it a luxury hotel look, some minor changes such as hanging a few pictures up on a feature wall or even a canvas print can make a home look inspiring.

First Impressions….Are Lasting Impressions
Most homes are advertised with that winning front shot of the property, so it is important you try to inject some kerb appeal. Tidying the drive, maybe refreshing the exterior paintwork or even scattering a few flower pots are all small changes which can make a big impact.  A well kept exterior will give buyers an impression of a looked after home and entice them through that front door. Many buyers drive by the property before even enquiring which proves how important kerb appeal is to buyers.

Define Spaces
We all lead different lifestyles and will use spaces within our home differently to suit our needs.  Some would prefer a study while others a bedroom, or instead of a formal dining area others would prefer a snug.  You cannot please everyone, but you can showcase the flexibility your home has to offer them, by clearly defining spaces while you are selling your home.  Again this will allow buyers to envisage how they could use the space to suit their needs.

Roll Your Sleeves Up
We all live a busy lifestyle and it is difficult to ensure everything is kept out of the way, with the children’s toys, the never ending laundry, coats and shoes, the list can go on.  Taking a temporary measure to home these items just whilst you are selling, can prove beneficial and make a world of difference in the space you create.  There are numerous storage solutions available at present, such as storage cabinets, cabinet tidies or even pop up laundry baskets all inexpensive to buy and reusable when you have sold your property.  You could even go that extra mile and prepare for your imminent move by using self storage units to home things which you very rarely use or some extra furniture you have, or even have a garage sale for the items you really no longer need.  It is for you decide how much change will suit your lifestyle and home, but nevertheless there are plenty of options out there. 

Attention To Detail
The dreaded three letter word… DIY.  Do It Yourself, unfortunately, there is no escaping it.  By simply finishing off those little DIY tasks (remember what you started six months ago) gives an impression of a well kept and loved home.  It is the little things which people notice sometimes, such as the falling shelf or unfinished painted wall or even a falling cabinet door.  If you have time, going that extra mile to repaint a drab wall can brighten up the home instantly.

Ensure you leave space for the buyers to park.  You do not want them to think they will have issues parking when they come home.

Enhance Your Assets…
Draw attention to the best features of your home, such as the lovely fireplace in the living room, the amazing kitchen or the beautiful garden.  Simply rearranging furniture or removing any other distractions in the room, will encourage buyers to notice the best features in your home.  It may also be worth speaking to your Client Manager to ensure this is the last room the viewing takes place in, so the buyer leaves with a positive attitude.

These are just some suggestions to help you optimise viewings and encourage buyers to envisage living in your home.  All of these may not apply to your home, but will allow you to showcase a versatile home which will attract a wider audience of buyers.  Sometimes buyers need to be inspired in order to think creatively and encourage them to consider how they would use the space your home offers to suit their lifestyle.

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