New carbon monoxide legislation

November 03, 2022

Recent Government legislation means landlords may need to add alarms to investment properties.

If you’re a private landlord letting a property, you might need to know about new carbon monoxide legislation, introduced to safeguard tenants.

Introduced on 1st October this year, changes in legislation require landlords to have alarms in their property, on each floor which tenants are using. This includes floors with rooms partially used as accommodation.

An alarm would need to be provided within rooms with fixed combustion appliances, such as oil or gas boilers, and fireplaces fuelled by gas, coal, or wood. It is also suggested that carbon monoxide alarms are installed where there is any decorative fireplace or surround to an electrically operated fire. The legislation does not include gas cookers, and there have been no changes in regard to the testing of alarms.

Whilst the Government have not specified the type of carbon monoxide alarm to use, landlords are advised that it meet British Standard EN 50291.

Property Managers and landlords found in breach of the new legislation could be charged up to £5,000, per breach.

If you’re a landlord, you’ll need to ensure that any alarm found to be faulty during a tenancy is repaired or replaced, within a sensible time frame. Your tenants will be responsible for letting you know when an alarm becomes faulty, and they should also change the alarm batteries when necessary.

We’re sure many landlords will be happy to oblige with these regulations, which will help to protect tenants from the health risks caused by carbon monoxide leaks.

If you’d like advice and guidance on this recent legislation, our qualified lettings team will be happy to help.

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