Moving at Christmas

December 08, 2021

Many people love to celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year in their new home, so moving just before is frequently done. But how do you overcome the challenges this brings at this busy time of year?

See our top tips to avoid this season of joy descending into chaos!

Firstly, book your moving slot well in advance. Getting a quote acts as a reservation, gives you a set date to aim for, and will give you time to settle into your new home.

Shop for all of your presents early on. This will enable you to post presents before the move, giving you space and peace of mind to focus on your moving tasks. Remember to wrap them in good time too, ensuring you don’t end up staying up late to the early hours of Christmas morning to finish the task! Get other family members to give you a hand where you can.

Make sure you advise the utilities, banks, and television provider of your moving address and date. Informing the banks makes sure no private post is delivered to your (possibly empty) old house, giving you added security. The utilities will obviously need to be transferred to make sure you have gas and electricity to keep you warm and cook the roast on Christmas Day! Tying up the old meter bills now also means you won’t end up overpaying on your bills.

Start packing gradually with plenty of time, putting away less essential items at first and labelling the boxes clearly with a marker pen. Lock away your valuables in a safe place, as opportunist thieves are always on the lookout for gifts this time of year. Pack your Christmas decorations and presents together, as once you have your kitchen, bathrooms and other basics dealt with, creating some festive spirit will be a high priority.

Finally, avoid possible slipping hazards during the actual move by preparing your path and driveways the day or even the morning before if you can. This time of year, ice, snow, and fallen leaves could otherwise cause an issue.

Most of all, enjoy a fabulous Christmas in your wonderful new home!

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