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Andrew Fagg Independent Financial Advisor

More and more lenders are getting on board with Help to Buy. Santander and Halifax have been offering 95% LTV products, now Woolwich this month and Virgin last month have announced that they are providing a Help to Buy 95% mortgage product under the Government Guarantee scheme.

There are other lenders joining as well which is good news for consumers who are being offered better rates as the lenders compete to attract custom. I think lenders offering help to buy schemes will improve over the coming months.

I have not seen a great deal of evidence of lending tightening, but lenders are asking for more information to support their lending decisions. We have been working with the new guidelines for the past few years anyway so we have not felt any great change.

The fundamental thing, if you are looking for a mortgage, is to speak with a qualified expert who is aware of all the products available on the market and who can advise you on the best product based on your individual circumstances. I have many years of experience and am on hand to offer good quality advice.

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