We can’t talk and generalise about the national housing market; the news is often very misleading and contradictory. We can however talk factually about our local market place; August 2011 here in Ash Vale has seen our best month this year with almost 90 new applicants registered with us, a third up on this month in 2010. So there is evidence of very strong demand for property in the area.

We agreed an impressive near 20 property sales from our office, again an improvement on last year which we are extremely proud of. If we can produce these results in what is often documented as the ‘quietest month’ then the forthcoming months are set to be exciting!

We have expanded our team here to maintain the levels of business we are generating and we are pleased to welcome on board Benjamin Foster who is new to the business, however he is young, eager and hungry to succeed – all the right ingredients to make a superb estate agent!

If you are considering selling your property we could have a buyer waiting for you so don’t hesitate to contact us on 01252 353030

Crawford Moxley

Branch Manager, Ash Vale