Mackenzie Smith Land Department have been selling land to both private clients and companies covering the area of our office network and beyond for over 25 years. We take great pride in being one of the most experienced and respected Land Agents in the area.
Selling land is not a simple business, there are many hurdles and complications that need a skilled and experienced hand to navigate, every transaction is different. Our proactive, tenacious and diligent approach has proven successful time and time again and has earned us our excellent reputation.

If you own a property and land that you feel have development potential, we are able to advise you on the most appropriate way to extract the best value, taking into account land legalities, method of sale and your personal situation. All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

Land consultation and valuation

A complete understanding of planning policy and property values supports our experienced specialist knowledge and success.  Understanding and knowledge of our customers’ objectives and working with them to achieve their goal is based on good communication, well established personal links and our ability to develop new business relationships quickly.

There is no limit to the size or complexity of land that we deal with, so whether you are looking to sell a piece of your garden for a single plot, have a 30 acre field or have already attained planning permission on your land, we are able to help.

The Land Department utilises the latest survey software enabling us to assess potential development sites quickly, accurately and efficiently. We can advise on existing use value, the value of an existing dwelling in a reduced plot, scheme suitability, developing the land and value of new dwellings, land price calculation and value of a development plot.

During the evaluation process we take into consideration the planning policies of the relevant Local Authorities and other localised restrictions such as Special Protection Areas and Tree Preservation Orders. We can also discuss what type of agreement is suitable for the land sale and what approach to take, whether you have a subject to planning contract or option agreement for example.


Marketing your land

Based on years of experience and an in depth knowledge of the intricacies of selling land, we put together thorough and detailed information packs to provide prospective purchasers all the detail they might require to make their decision.

Land is marketed to a targeted selection of our extensive database of well respected land buyers and developers, following the tailored strategy we agree with our client.

We will detail what information is required to be submitted with any offer such as the proposed scheme, planning experience (if required), funding and time frame, which will enable thorough assessment of the suitability of the offer.

We aim to find you a buyer who is able to make an acceptable monetary offer and who also has the skill and resources to maximise the value of your land.


Managing the sale process

We work closely with all involved parties, sellers, buyers, solicitors, and architects etc, to ensure the smooth fruition of a land sale. Communication is key in providing excellent service and peace of mind to our clients that the land sale is being handled competently, in keeping with their wishes.

We often recommend using a bid deadline as this offers stability to the process in creating a manageable timeframe for both seller and buyer. If there is a bid deadline we will collect all offers and provide a report detailing the offers in an easy to compare format, taking all aspects into consideration. Where there is no bid deadline we will communicate offers to our client in a timely fashion.

We support you throughout the sale of your land to the point of conditional or unconditional exchange, and then through to completion.  In instances where a land purchase is conditional on attaining planning permission we will continue to work with you and the prospective purchaser  to keep you fully informed and to support the mutual goal of achieving planning permission.


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