75220 (1)cIf you are not a naturally tidy person, keeping your living room looking comfortably lived-in yet still put-together and ready for home viewings, can be a bit of a challenge. But fear not, here are some easy ideas that you can adopt to keep clutter under control.


Keep accessories to a minimum

If you are prone to collecting clutter, stand back and decided on your absolute favourites and then get rid of everything else. The room will instantly feel less chaotic and you will have a handful of objects to put on show as you wish.

Group your chosen pieces together in pleasing arrangements and resist the urge to add finished cups of tea and the contents of your pocket to your new display.


Hide it all away

Putting clutter out of sight is the easiest solution, you may like to invest in fitted or freestanding cabinet storage with plenty of room to stash your mess, rather than hastily hiding it behind the sofa when you have unexpected guests.


Use your fireplace for display

It is surprising how much less busy a room feels if you can place any items sitting around the base of your fireplace, inside it instead. If you have an unused fireplace, or a log burner with space around, simply arranging your items flush to the surround is far more pleasing to the eye and better for the accident-prone.


75220 (4)cEmploy a good shelf system

Not only can you put together beautiful, considered displays on shelves, but a few interesting curios will draw the eye up the wall far more than if you jam-pack them with all manner of objects and different sized books. The cupboards underneath can hold the less attractive bits and pieces, such as DVDs, paperwork and electricals.



Create zones

Children can’t be contained, but having a home for their toys and sectioning it off from the rest of the living room can make the thrice-daily tidy a lot easier.

You can also distinguish the seating area by a rug for instance, to set out the different areas.


Line up lots of pots

Placing collections of little dishes and bowls on your coffee table or sideboard is a pleasing way to stash keys, coins, jewellery and trinkets. Plus, it keeps everything in one place, so you can find it easily during your mad morning dash.


Cheat with a screen

A screen is a great option if you have lots of sports or electrical equipment, such as musical decks or amps that you can’t squeeze into storage. Cordon the whole thing off with a decorative screen that will also add interest to the room. 


Throw it in a trunk

Use a trunk as a coffee table and you will have the perfect accomplice to foil surprise visits. Also, this charming item will add a vintage decorative aspect to you room as well as practicality.


Bay Windows

If you have a bay window, another great storage solution is to invest in a window seat with a hinged top to store all your bits and pieces within.


All these ideas will help to de-clutter your main living space, making it more attractive to buyers when they view your home. If you are looking to place your home on the market, please contact your nearest office or click the valuation button below.

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