Fleet Pond receives £100,000 funding boost

February 08, 2023

In a superb move for wildlife at Fleet Pond, Hart District Council has attained government funding in excess of £100,000.

The largest freshwater lake in Hampshire, Fleet Pond spans 141 acres, with heathland, reedbed, marsh and woodland. Playing an important role in supporting wildlife, with an array of butterflies, dragonflies, birds, flora and fauna, it is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Working to enhance the habitats for wildlife at the nature reserve, Hart District Council’s countryside service was granted the funding by the Rural Payments Agency, in partnership with Natural England.

With biodiversity of concern nationwide, the financial boost is welcome news for local wildlife. Wet land areas will be the key focus of the changes, with aims to increase the resilience of a variety of species.

Waterlilies will bloom once more at Fleet Pond, with cuttings planted from Little Pond close by, along with more reed plugs, adding richer variety to aquatic plants there. Natural protection from geese grazing will also be provided by bogbean plants.

The new phase of eco-system enhancements includes techniques such as floating island bio-havens, providing habitats for wetland fowl, and wooden debris reefs allowing fish and invertebrate life to flourish.

Open pools will be created for species such as the little egret, emperor dragonfly, common toad and more. With the clearance of scrubland, vital reed beds will have a better natural flow, water retention and receive more sunlight, whilst ground nesting birds can thrive in cleared areas of open land.

Green Flag awarded, Fleet Pond is recognized as a safe, welcoming environment, with a natural, well-managed landscape and plenty of activities to enjoy. Interwoven with pathways and a picnic area, it does offer an enticing setting. If you’d like to see the improvements and explore this beauty spot, visitor details are available here.

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