MacKenzieSmith_Letting_MPA_Jan14_AGENTOWNIn our industry we see trends and market changes; however what hasn’t changed is the upward trend in demand from tenants, which has resulted in an increasing number of investment landlords, buyers purchasing properties purely to let.

What used to be an exception to the rule is now a very normal practice, whether it be buyers that are looking to mortgage a purchase and let it pay for itself to provide a future nest egg or people that have come in to money and are looking to invest that cash where they will see a better return than most savings accounts.

With the market being as buoyant as ever buy-to-let purchasers are snapping up predominantly new build properties and we have seen that typically there are 4-5 investors per apartment wanting to reserve, from plan, at least 6 months before they are built.

As Farnborough is growing as a business hub and more companies are relocating to Farnborough, this brings with it a greater demand from corporate and executive tenants who can have larger rental budgets, something that has not been so prevalent in the past.

This is creating the need for more high specification furnished accommodation to be available close to the business park or the train station.

As a result Farnborough it is gaining a reputation for being an up and coming area to invest in. With recent improvements, such as the Tag Airport expansion, relocation of large businesses into the area, additional parking being created at Farnborough Mainline Station and the ongoing regeneration of the town centre, the area is a very desirable location to live in.

If you are interested in becoming a landlord, are already curious about buy-to-let investment or are looking to expand your portfolio we are able to advise on all matters regarding letting property; what property might make a suitable investment, what yield to expect and what services we are able to provide to you to make the process as simple as possible.

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