Mackenzie Smith estate agents Farnborough have a great view of the Red Arrows doing their practice runs in preparation for the bi-annual Farnborough airshow.

Farnborough Airshow 2014 Formation1 Estate Agents farnboroughThe planes in flight show the speed, agility precision and bravery of the RAF, the team flying distinctive Hawk jets. This is the 50th display season for the RAF Red Arrows.

The jets make quite an impact, audible from Fleet. Hearing them roaring through the sky creates a sense of childlike excitement and our Marketing team admit to eagerly looking out the window but being disappointed not to see anything, either because of cloud cover or they just sound a lot closer than they are.

Luckily the estate agents Farnborough team were able to see and captured some of the training drills on camera, a nice sneak preview to the event ahead on the 19th and 20th July. The Red arrows team look perfectly prepared.

Airshow 2014 Formation 2Celebrating 100 years of Aviation history, the Farnborough Airshow will feature a flying display over 4 hours long featuring nerve-wracking displays from a selection of planes from WW1 to present day.

In addition to the flying display there is a static display of aircraft including the vintage Cirrus Moth, Blackburn B2, Bleriot XI and more modern Bucker Jungmann, Chipmunk, Gnat, Hawk, Merlin, SA Bulldog, Percival Pembroke and many others. A highlight of the vintage display it the ‘Wright Flyer’, the first heavier-than-air powered aircraft, designed and built by the Wright brothers in 1903.

Farnborough Aerodrome has stamped the town into the history books, almost every development in aerospace technology since Wright flew in 1903 has been in some way connected with Farnborough; the pioneers of aviation, researching and testing everything from man carrying kites, to balloons to aeroplanes on the site.

Farnborough Airshow 2014 1 JetFarnborough’s position as a historic and growing aviation hub is adding to the appeal of this town, undergoing a regenerative transformation to live up to its position as a highly appealing hub for business, attractive commuting base and thriving community.

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