There are many myths that to ‘get more you have to ask more’ regarding property sales.

Justin Smith, Hook Branch Manager

One of the most sensitive issues when thinking about selling your property is the value of your home. As long as you invite a highly regarded and well experienced property agent into your home you should have no concerns about receiving a correct valuation which will make a huge difference when it comes down to finding a real buyer in a reasonable period of time.

Sentiment can be an enemy when it comes to considering a valuation. Although you may have built up many happy memories over the years these don’t add value in the eyes of the new buyer who is looking to make a commercial as well as emotive decision.

Do your research, there are many opportunities to look at the sold prices of similar properties either by asking local agents or looking at agent’s websites or property portals, though you must consider when it was that these properties actually sold and bear in mind the current prevailing property market conditions. Be realistic with your expectations, a buyer will rarely have the money available to pay more than something is worth.

Vanquish those pitfall foes by calling on a trusted local agent to value your home. At Mackenzie Smith we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate valuation and as such often achieve 98% + of the sale price.

There can be a perception among buyers that the normal process when making an offer is to submit an offer around 10% below asking price – however this can only be valid if a property is overpriced by 10%. Quite often a realistic guide price is followed by offers in excess of the guide price.

Accurately pricing your property also brings in the most realistic buyers who can see you aren’t ‘trying your luck’ with a higher price, this can bring about sales much more quickly than the longwinded haggling that can take place where sellers ask too much for their property and buyers react by offering below the asking price and often under the true value itself. A good example of how this works in practise is our Hook office who secured 5 sales in 5 days, all offers coming in at the asking price.

If you would like to arrange a valuation of your property please contact me in the Hook office on 01256 764666 or get in touch with your local Mackenzie Smith branch.

Justin Smith, Branch Manager