Design a house competition

January 11, 2021

To the parents who are now teachers, working at home, and friends to their children…

We’re with you. We’re going to be sharing a bunch of activities, both educational and fun, across our social media channels and blogs to help keep your little one’s entertained over the weeks ahead.

But, we’ve also designed a new competition to keep them busy and creative!

We want your children to design their dream home! It can be architecturally accurate or as bright and inventive as their imagination.

Get creative, get colourful and fill up at least one rainy afternoon. Then email the designs to or share with us on social media #mymackenziesmithhouse.

Multiple entries accepted so you can create a whole street if you wish, and we’ll showcase some of our favourites across social media and our website each week.

Winners will be selected at the end of February, with a £50 Amazon gift voucher up-for-grabs.

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