hand and mapI was speaking today to Katherine Gray, our Land and New Homes expert, about the possible benefits of the Housing and Planning Bill; she had this to say;

“The Government has started putting additional measures in place to ensure as many first time buyers as possible are able to become homeowners by the end of this Parliament. In addition to ‘Help to Buy, ‘Right to Buy’ etc. the Government has put forward the Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16.  Part of the Bill is to promote the supply of ‘starter homes’ in England.  A ‘starter home’ as defined by the Bill is intended to be a new dwelling to be sold at a discount of at least 20% of the market value and, within areas outside Greater London, sold for less than £250,000.

This Bill, if implemented, would benefit thousands of first time buyers in England by helping them climb onto the housing ladder. However, any ‘starter homes’ will need to form part of planning permission applications and as such the Bill will not provide a ‘quick fix’ for first time buyers, but a long term solution.

The Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16 had its 2nd reading in the House of Commons on 2nd November.  The House of Commons voted for the Bill to be sent to the Public Bill Committee, a date for which it yet to be announced.  There is a long way to go before the Bill, if approved, achieves Royal Consent, but the cogs are very much in motion.” 

Katherine GrayAs the Land and New Homes Manager, Katherine makes sure she is always fully up to date with all aspects of planning legislation, providing advice to experienced developers as well as individual people seeking knowledge of possible development opportunities on their land.

To discuss any land development opportunities or questions with Katherine, please contact her on 01252 762007, land@mackenziesmith.co.uk or click here for our land valuation form.

Housing Bill: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/2015-2016/0075/16075.pdf