Government Consultation of Affordable Housing Policy for Residential Development

In the 23rd March 2014 consultation Planning Performance and Planning Contributions: Consultation, the Government set out plans for introducing a new threshold for affordable housing contributions under section 106 agreements.  Current s.106 affordable housing thresholds can vary dramatically between Local Authorities.

If these proposals are adopted it would restrict section 106 affordable housing contributions on sites which sites contain 10 units or less with a maximum combined gross floor space of 1,000 sq.m and for residential extensions or annexes.

The Consultation document advises ‘This is to help address the disproportionate burden being placed on small scale developers, including those wishing to build their own homes, and which prevents the delivery of much needed, small scale housing sites.’

Should this Consultation be successful, and the proposals within it come to fruition, then it could significantly aid small scale residential development that is currently unviable due to onerous s.106 affordable housing contributions imposed by Local Authorities.

Katherine Gray Land ManagerShould you wish to read or comment on the Planning Performance and Planning Contributions Consultation please click here.  Please note the consultation will run for 6 weeks beginning on 23rd March 2014 and end on 4th  May 2014.

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