Good luck to Katherine Gray, Senior Land Negotiator, who will this weekend be taking part in the intrepid London to Cardiff 24, the UK’s longest point to point nonstop relay foot race, all the way from Twickenham Stadium to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

The route covers 160 miles of varied terrain including fields, ridge ways, woods, country lanes, canal paths, main roads and the Severn Bridge. The team of 9 relay runners will carry the baton, a GPS tracker as they run.

The race starts with the entire team doing a one mile loop of Twickenham Stadium.  The first runner then sets off on their individual stage while the rest of the team return to the mini bus and head to the next checkpoint. After 12 stages the team arrives at half way for the second team leg.

Another 12 individual stages make up the second half of the race. At the finishing venue, the team will then complete one final stage, finishing together with a circuit of the millennium stadium in front of friends, family and supporters!

Katherine will be doing the 7th, 14th and 22nd leg a total of 25.5 miles, just short of a marathon. As well as her heroic running effort Katherine will be taking a turn at driving the mini bus.  And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge the runners will be finding their route by map, compass and torchlight!