I was speaking today to Katherine Gray, our Land and New Homes expert, about the possible benefits of the Housing and Planning Bill; she had this to say; “The Government has started putting additional measures in place to ensure as many first time buyers as possible are able to become homeowners by the end of… Read More

An interesting statistic just published by Government reveals that new starts for housing are 42% down on 2006/7. The impact of this is being felt at a local level throughout our area where the supply of property is severely restricted. To be fair this problem is a result of a vareity of policies ranging from… Read More

Having just read the headline ‘ The UK property market is likely to be even more depressed in 2012 that it was in 2011’ it has reminded me of the fact that commenting on the future housing market can be a risky business. Whilst opinions will invariably vary, the reality in my view is that… Read More

Although nationally the stories are conflicting; slumped prices in the north, inflated prices in London, this area sees the best of both worlds; a desirable in demand region with limited housing stock retains its property values.  This by no means implies that property prices are skyrocketing in the area but it does mean property values… Read More

The market for new homes remains buoyant. 80% of the homes released this year have either been reserved or sold. Mackenzie Smith Land Dept has never been busier and we urgently need land to meet demand for new housing. If you own land and feel a discussion will be helpful then contact Senior Land Negotiator Katherine… Read More

After carrying out several valuations recently I have been interested to hear potential sellers thoughts and comments on the local housing market especially relating to the time of year we approaching.  Many of these homeowners have mentioned that fact that with exam time coming up for families with children and also the school summer holidays fast approaching it is probably not… Read More

The importance of planning ahead could never have been better highlighted than by the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations and equally the forthcoming Olympics. Whilst it is quite clear that both these major events have been planned for some years ahead, here at Mackenzie Smith we have spent the last 20 years responding to the needs… Read More

The onset of the spring moving season generally leads to more ambitious pricing of properties coming to market, however, this February’s 4.1% (£9,192) increase is the highest monthly rise Rightmove has recorded since April 2002, a surprisingly strong uplift given the challenging economic environment. In part this is fuelled by the cash-rich sectors of the… Read More

Making predictions is becoming more and more difficult. I recall in December 2008 (easily the worst year in our industry in living memory) thinking that 2009 was probably going to be a tough year. It turned out to be one of the best for Mackenzie Smith for many years. Hindsight is of course a luxury… Read More

I often here politicians complaining about high property prices preventing buyers entering the market. It got me thinking about why house prices are and have remained high. I read somewhere that if you are a First Time Buyer you need to be in the top 10% salary band! Unless you have a double first in… Read More